Academic research projects of the University emphasize basic sciences, with attendant stress on their application. Major, long-term projects are facilitated by an inter-departmental, inter-collegiate and interdisciplinary approach, further raising standards of academic research as well as the quality of teaching. Moreover, there are a few specialized research centers including (1) Nuclear Science and Technology Development Center, (2) Center for Nanotechnology, Materials Science, and Microsystems, (3) Computer and Communication Research Center, (4) Biomedical Engineering Center, (5) Scientific Instrument Center, (6) Precious Instrument Center, (7) National Center for Theoretical Sciences, (8) IC Design Technology Center, (9) Science, Technology and Society Center, (10) NTHU/ITRI Joint Research Center, (11) Center for Photonic Research, (12) Center for Contemporary China Research, (13) Center for Higher Education Research, (14) Center for Energy and Environmental Research, and (15) Brain Research Center. In addition, the Cooperative Professional Training Division, the Technology Service Division and the Innovation Incubator Center, are charged with linking the University’s research results with interested sectors of commerce and industry for development and application. The Academic Cooperation Division promotes international academic exchange.




Research papers of our faculty are published both in the domestic and international leading journals. Taking the Science Citation Index for example, the number of papers published by our faculty maintains the forefront of all universities on both sides of the Taiwan strait. Ever since the National Science Council established the Award for Research Excellence in 1985, Tsing Hua faculty has won the largest number of awards. In natural sciences and engineering, they have won one-fifth of the total. Furthermore, a large proportion of awards for academic achievement from the Ministry of Education have been awarded to our faculty members. Finally, research grants won by our faculty account for almost half of the total annual budget.