Established in 2018, NTHU AstroRead is a study group/book club for NTHU astronomy club members
to learn, share, and discuss advanced astrophysics topics!

Active Members

People who presented more than 3 times and constantly attending recent activities.

  • Lin Yen-Hsing

    Master student, NTHU IoA

  • Yap Yong Sheng

    Undergraduate student
    NTHU Phys.

  • Pu Sy-Yun

    Undergraduate student
    NTHU Phys.

  • Ho Zi-Hua

    Undergraduate student
    NTHU Phys.

  • Tseng Yung-Hsuan

    Undergraduate student
    NTHU Phys.

  • Jo-Shui Kao

    Undergraduate student
    NTHU Phys.

  • Li Wei-Wen

    Undergraduate student

  • Hsieh Mu-Chen

    Undergraduate student

Recent News

Date Topic Note
2023.05 Congratulation to Lin Yen-Hsing for winning the best oral presentation award in ASROC. Title: Could odd radio circles be end-on AGN jet inflated bubbles?
2023.05 Congratulation to Ho Zi-Hua on being selected for 2023 ASIAA Summer Student Program. Working with Dr. Lin Li-Hwai.
2023.05 Congratulation to Li Wei-Wen and Hsieh Mu-Chen on being selected for 2023 TAOvA Summer Student Program. Working with Prof. Kong Albert and Prof. Lai Shin-Ping.
2023.01 Congratulation to Lin Yen-Hsing for publishing his paper in MNRAS. Title: Evolution and feedback of AGN jets of different cosmic ray composition.
2023.01 Congratulation to Lin Yen-Hsing and Chang Chiung-Yin for winning merit award and honorable mention in TPS poster competition. Title:
  • Simulating the effects of cosmic-ray dominated jets in cool-core clusters
  • Dust spectral energy distributions in Milky Way-like galaxies in the IllustrisTNG simulations based on the evolution of grain size distribution
2023.01 Congratulation to Chen Hsin-Pei for passing her Master Defense!
2022.12 Congratulation to Lin Yen-Hsing for winning the 2022 Undergraduates Student Thesis Award. Winning with his work with Dr. Hiroyuki Hirashita from ASIAA.
2022.12 Congratulation to Tseng Yung-Hsuan for her work being submitted arXiv! Title: A novel test of gravity via black hole eikonal correspondence
2022.12 Congratulations to Lin Yen-Hsing on the publication of his co-authored paper in MNRAS! Title: Effects of dust sources on dust attenuation properties in IllustrisTNG galaxies at z ∼ 7
2022.11 Congratulation to Chuang Chen-Yu for submitting his paper on arXiv! Title: A New Stellar Mass Proxy for Subhalo Abundance Matching
2022.07 Congratulation to Lin Yen-Hsing for winning the 2022 NCTS Student Outstanding Paper Award. Winning with his work with Dr. Hiroyuki Hirashita from ASIAA.
2022.07 Congratulation to Hsu Zheng-Xian on being selected for 2022 UCAT Summer Student Program. Working with Prof. Shin-Ping Lai.
2022.07 Congratulation to Hsieh Ming-Hsueh, Jason Wu, and Tseng Yung-Hsuan on being selected for 2022 NCTS-TCA Summer Student Program. Working with Prof. Hung-Yi Pu, Dr. Ellis R. Owen, and Dr. Che-Yu Chen.
2022.07 Congratulation to Pu Sy-Yun and Kao Jo-Shui on being selected for 2022 ASIAA Summer Student Program. Working with Dr. Teppei Okumura, Dr. Chian-Chou Chen, and Dr. Hsi-Wei Yen.
2022.06 Congratulation to Chang Chiung-Yin for publishing her first author paper in MNRAS! Title: Dust spectral energy distributions in Milky Way-like galaxies in the IllustrisTNG simulations based on the evolution of grain size distribution

In principle, this section only includes achievements that have been made by current students at NTHU.

5th AstroRead (2022.09 - 2023.06)

Host: Sy-Yun Pu、Mu-Chen Hsieh、Wei-Wen Li

Date Topic Speaker Notes
2022.10.04 Observation I Yen-Hsing Lin Basics of observational astronomy, photometry
2022.10.11 Observation II Yap Yong Sheng Spectroscopy
2022.10.18 Radiative transfer Zi-Hua Ho
2022.10.25 Interstellar medium Chiung-Yin Chang
2022.11.01 Star formation Jo-Shui Kao
2022.11.15 Stellar evolution Li Wei-Wen
2022.11.22 Solar System 羅芝瓴
2022.11.23 Student Seminar: Distant Galaxies with JWST Hsiao, Tiger (JHU PhD student)
2022.11.29 Orbital mechanics Yen-Hsing Lin
2022.12.06 Black holes Zi-Hua Ho
2022.12.13 Dark matter Yap Yong Sheng Axion and WIMPs
2022.12.15 Star clusters Hsieh Mu-Chen
2022.12.20 Galaxy formation (from star to galaxy) Sy-Yun Pu
2022.12.20 Student Seminar: Chemical Enrichment in Galaxy Clusters Siew Hoong Wah 蕭宏鏵 (SJTU Master Student) X-ray observation of heavy elements (O, N, Fe, etc) in galaxy clusters.
2023.03.07 Special Relativity & General Relativity Zi-Hua Ho
2023.03.14 Thermal History Yong-Sheng Yap
2023.03.21 Cosmic Microwave Background I Sy-Yun Pu
2023.03.28 Structure Formation Sy-Yun Pu
2023.04.11 Cosmic Microwave Background II Yong-Sheng Yap
2023.04.18 Fast Radio Burst 林雅苓
2023.04.25 Programming 謝明學
2023.05.02 Computational Fluid Dynamic Yen-Hsing Lin
2023.05.09 Active Galactic Nucleus Yung-Hsuan Tseng
2023.05.16 Gravitational Wave Zi-Hua Ho
2023.05.23 Exoplanet Yen-Hsing Lin
2023.05.30 Supernovae 李宜舫
2023.06.06 Astroparticles Wei-Wen Li
2023.06.13 Compact Object Mu-Chen Hsieh

2022 Spring Student Seminar Series (2023.02 - 2023.06)

Host: Yen-Hsing Lin

Date Topic Speaker Notes
2023.02.09 Baby Planets and Where to Find Them Genevieve Kuo Star/Planet Formation
2023.02.23 Scientific Presentation Yen-Hsing Lin Academic and Pop-science Presentations
2023.03.09 Satellite and Orbital Mechanics 歐予恩(烏鴉先生) Space Technologies
2023.04.13 Cosmic Probes of Dark Matter Tan Chin Yi
2023.05.04 Post Main Sequence Stellar Evolution Po-Sheng Ou
2023.05.11 Learn to Learn: objectives in machine learning and reinforcement learning. Jacob Chiu
2023.05.18 AGN feedback in galaxy clusters Yen-Hsing Lin
2023.06.15 (temp) TBD Yu-Hsiu Huang

Gravitational Wave Book Club (2022.07 - 2022.08)

Host: Yap Yong Sheng

Date Topic Speaker Notes
2022.07.06 General Relativity Crash Course Yap Yong Sheng Equivalence Principle, Metric Tensor, Geodesic Equation, Curvature & Parallel Transport, Einstein Field Equations
2022.07.13 Introduction to Gravitational Waves Yung-Hsuan Tseng Weak Field Approximation, Traceless-Transverse Gauge, GW Polarizations
2022.07.27 GW Detection Yap Yong Sheng Quadrupole Radiation, Luminosity and Strain Amplitudes of Binary Inspirals, Strain Measurements in Michelson Interferometers

2022 Student Seminar Series (2022.06 - 2022.07)

Host: Sy-Yun Pu, Zheng-Xian Hsu

Date Topic Speaker Notes
2022.06.14 How does ISM model affect galaxy SEDs? Yen-Hsing Lin, Chen-Yu Chuang Dust, radiative transfer, SED fitting
2022.06.14 Understanding AGN and non-AGN host galaxies by analyzing galaxy star formation history Sy-Yun Pu AGN, galaxy properties, SED fitting, SFH
2022.06.21 Physical principles in observational astronomy Yen-Hsing Lin Telescopes, intensity, spectrum
2022.06.21 Understand galaxy evolution in the early universe with OST survey Sy-Yun Pu Submm galaxies, mixed galaxy population, Origins Space Telescope
2022.06.28 From cosmology to galaxies Sy-Yun Pu Halo formation, Galaxy formation
2022.07.05 Direct detection of WIMP dark matter with XENON1T Yap Yong Sheng Thermal history of WIMPs, DM direct detection, astroparticles
2022.07.05 Learn Physics from Graph Neural Networks Chen-Yu Chuang Basics of Neural Networks, Graphs, Sparse regression
2022.07.12 Unveiling the nature of AGN bubbles with Lynx X-ray observatory Yen-Hsing Lin X-ray Astronomy, Lynx, AGN

4th AstroRead (2021.09 - 2022.06)

Host: Zheng-Xian Hsu, Sy-Yun Pu

Date Topic Speaker Notes
2021.10.12 Gathering Party Zheng-Xian Hsu, Sy-Yun Pu Introduction to AstroRead: content and history
2021.10.19 Coordinates Sy-Yun Pu
2021.10.26 Guest lecture: Observation Yuan-Ming Hsu (Host of NTU astronomy club astrophysics study group)
2021.11.02 Special and General Relativity Yen-Hsing Lin
2021.11.09 Cosmological Models Yen-Hsing Lin
2021.11.16 Discussion: Astro2020 Yen-Hsing Lin Introducing the recently published Astro2020 Report
2021.11.23 Thermal History of the Universe Chen-Yu Chuang
2021.11.30 Galaxy Formation Zheng-Xian Hsu
2021.12.07 Galaxy Clusters Jo-Shui Kao
2021.12.14 Star Formation Yung-Hsuan Tseng
2021.12.20 Compact Objects Yap Yong Sheng
2021.12.21 Informal Gathering: Some recent news in astrophysics Yen-Hsing Lin Introducing 3 papers related to planet formation and GRAVITY result on orbital precession of star near Sgr A*
2021.12.28 Astrophysical Black Holes Yen-Hsing Lin
2022.01.17 Student Seminar: Life in Yale and PhD application Chenghan Hsieh (Yale PhD Student)
2022.02.22 Radiative Transfer Yen-Hsing Lin
2022.03.01 Interstellar Medium Zheng-Xian Hsu
2022.03.08 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics Yap Yong Sheng
2022.03.15 Stellar Systems Jo-Shui Kao Star clusters and Variable stars
2022.03.22 Planetary Systems and Exoplanets Sy-Yun Pu
2022.03.29 Active Galactic Nuclei Yung-Hsuan Tseng
2022.04.05 Student Seminar: Surviving Companions of Supernovae Hsin-Pei Chen
2022.04.12 Time Domain Astronomy Zi-Hua Ho
2022.04.19 Astronomy News Report Sy-Yun Pu, Zi-Hua Ho, Yung-Hsuan Tseng
2022.04.26 Exotic Messengers / Astroparticles Yap Yong Sheng

3rd AstroRead (2020.09 - 2021.06)

Host: Chiung-Yin Chang, Yap Yong Sheng

Date Topic Speaker Notes
2020.09.29 Gathering Party Chiung-Yin Chang Introduction to AstroRead: content and history
2020.09.29 Fundamentals Shang-Ching Lin
2020.10.13 Radiative Transfer I Chiung-Yin Chang
2020.10.20 Radiative Transfer II Yap Yong Sheng Line transfer
2020.10.27 Stellar Evolution I Ming-Hsueh Hsieh
2020.11.17 Stellar Evolution II Yap Yong Sheng
2020.11.24 Interstellar medium Yen-Hsing Lin
2020.12.01 Planetary System Chiung-Yin Chang
2020.12.22 Student Seminar Hsin-Pei Chen, Yen-Hsing Lin Radio astronomy and Dust Evolution
2021.03.16 General Relativity Yap Yong Sheng
2021.03.23 Cosmological Models Zheng-Xian Hsu
2021.03.30 Thermal History of the universe Yap Yong Sheng
2021.04.06 Python and Linux Yen-Hsing Lin
2021.04.20 Structure and Galaxy Formation Chiung-Yin Chang
2021.04.27 Galaxy Formation (Theory) Yen-Hsing Lin
2021.05.04 Galaxy Formation (Observation) Yen-Hsing Lin
2021.05.18 Galaxy Cluster Zheng-Xian Hsu
2021.05.25 Our Milky Way Yap Yong Sheng
2021.05.11 Student Seminar: Geometry effect on dust attenuation curves with different grain sources at high redshift Yen-Hsing Lin

2nd AstroRead (2019.09 - 2020.06)

Host: Yen-Hsing Lin

Date Topic Speaker Notes
2019.09.24 Gathering Party Yen-Hsing Lin Introduction to AstroRead: content and history
2019.10.01 The Cosmic Distance Scale Yen-Hsing Lin
2019.10.08 Gravity Yen-Hsing Lin
2019.10.15 Random Processes I Yi-Chen Wang
2019.10.22 Random Processes II 楊宗仁
2019.10.29 Special Relativity I Yen-Hsing Lin
2019.11.05 Special Relativity II 王立宇
2019.11.12 Electromagnetism I Yu-Hsiu Huang
2019.11.19 Electromagnetism II Yu-Hsiu Huang
2019.11.26 Quantum Process 楊宗仁
2019.12.03 Linux and Python 蘇彥碩
2020.03.03 Gathering party: ALMA-T and SSP Hsin-Pei Chen, Yen-Hsing Lin An introduction to Taiwan's astrophysics summer schools.
2020.03.10 Stars I Yen-Hsing Lin
2020.03.17 Stars II: Compact Stars Chung-Ming Chen
2020.03.17 Gas Yu-Hsiu Huang
2020.03.24 Dust Yen-Hsing Lin
2020.03.31 Dust Yen-Hsing Lin
2020.04.07 Cosmology I Chiung-Yin Chang
2020.04.14 Cosmology II Yu-Hsiu Huang
2020.04.21 Python: Errors Yen-Hsing Lin
2020.05.05 Python: Simple Simulation Yi-Chen Wang

1st AstroRead (2018.09 - 2019.06)

Host: Yen-Hsing Lin

Date Topic Speaker Notes
2018.10.04 Gathering Party Yen-Hsing Lin Introduction to AstroRead: content and history
2018.10.11 Observation and Instruments 王立宇
2018.10.18 Stellar Spectra Chiung-Yin Chang
2018.10.25 Celestial Mechanisms Yen-Hsing Lin
2018.11.01 Photometric Chung-Ming Chen
2018.11.08 Stellar Structure and Fusion 鄭冠群
2018.11.15 Stellar Evolution I Jacob Chiu
2018.11.22 Stellar Evolution II 林宏修
2018.11.29 Sun Yi-Chen Wang
2018.12.06 Variable Stars and Compact stars Yu-Hsiu Haung
2019.03.11 Gathering Party Yu-Hsiu Haung
2019.04.01 ISM and star clusters Chun-Ching Chen
2019.04.08 Galaxies I 劉柏康、Chung-Ming Chen
2019.04.15 Galaxies II Yu-Hsiu Huang
2019.04.22 Cosmology Chiung-Yin Chang
2019.04.29 Python: Common commands Yi-Chen Wang
2019.05.06 Python: Packages and how to deal with bugs Jacob Chiu
2019.05.13 Python: Image Processing Yen-Hsing Lin
2019.05.20 Paper Reading Jacob Chiu

Previous Members

  • Jacob Chiu

    NTHU IoA

  • Yu-Hsiu Huang

    PhD student
    U.A. Astronomy.

  • Hsin-Pei Chen

    NTHU IoA

  • Chen-Yu Chuang

    Master student
    NTHU IoA

  • Yi-Chen Wang

    NTHU Phys.

  • Chung-Ming Chen

    Master student
    NTU Phys.

  • Chiung-Yin Chang

    Undergraduate student
    London Uni. CS.

  • Zheng-Xian Hsu

    Undergraduate student
    NTHU Phys.

Participants (incomplete)

5th: Hong-Wen Liu (NTHU Phys), 鄭亦家 (NTHU MSE), 謝承安 (HCHS/IESO), Fiona Lo, 莊景喻, 簡嘉成

4th: Fiona Lo, 李宜舫, Ping-yu Chou, 李啟維, 林雅苓,

3th: Shang-Ching Lin, 謝明學, 張宸勻, 黃千祐, 林雅苓

2nd: Shang-Ching Lin, 謝明學, 吳家頡

1st: 楊宗仁、劉柏康、張鈞諺、陳駿青