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Items Department Contact Person Ext.(03-5715131) DID
Registration Affairs,Background Information on student status and Credit exempted Division of Registration Ms. Jiang 31390 03-5712334
Course Selection Division of Curriculum Ms. Hu 31395 03-5712625
Course Selection at Nanda Campus Division of Curriculum at Nanda Campus Ms. Liu 72201
Tuition Payment Division of Cashier Ms. Hsu 31364 03-5719003
Tuition Payment at Nanda Campus Division of Cashier at Nanda Campus Mr. CHANG 75403
Health Examination Division of Health Service Ms. Wang 33000 31051 03-5713769
Alien Resident Certificate Application Office of Global Affairs Ms. Liu 62463 03-5162463
International Students(Foreign student insurance) Division of General Student Affairs Ms. Huang 62430 03-5162430
Oversea Students Division of General Student Affairs Ms. Hung 62078 03-5162078
Mental Inventory Counseling Center Ms. Wu 62083 34725 03-5162083
Performance in English Proficiency Examination Division of General Academic Affairs Ms. Lin 35056 03-5719134
Freshman of Admission Questionnaire Division of Admissions Ms. Lin 31300 03-5721602
Demographics Survey Center for Learning Assessment Service Ms. Chang 33109
New Student Website Homepage Division of Student Assistance Mr. Wang 34709 03-5711814