Course Plan

The Institute aims to develop novel materials for biosensors, disease diagnosis and tissue regeneration by focusing on three main fields: biosensors, biomaterials and Micro- and Nano Medicine. The Program offers well planned graduate courses in these fields with an emphasis on hands-on laboratory trainings. Students are highly encouraged to explore and select courses that best train his/her cross-disciplinary skills.

To prepare students for their upcoming careers, most BME courses are taught in English, and students are encouraged to complete theses and research articles in English for publication and attendance in international scientific journals and at conferences, respectively. The Institute aims to train students in becoming proficient in medical devices, drug manufacturing, telecare and biomaterials. Upon graduation, trainees have the opportunity to enter government-sponsored agencies such as Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Research Health Institutes, Food and Drug Administration and Development Center for Biotechnology. Alternatively, private biotechnology companies are also available for application, including Maxigen Biotech Inc., TTY Biopharm, Wiltrom, Yungshin Pharm Ind. and Andros Pharmaceuticals. Most BME graduates now work in biomedical sectors, applying learned knowledge and skills to propel their careers.